Aadhaar is helping India become a developed nation. Join the movement! Support Aadhaar!

Aadhaar is a unique indigenous innovation that empowers every Indian, by providing them with a secure and verifiable identity.

Aadhaar is going to be the backbone of India becoming a developed country. India has leapfrogged all the nations in innovation by building nothing less than a digital highway to transform India. Aadhaar is receiving global acclaim from entities like Bill Gates, The Economist, World Bank, Raoul Pal, etc.

How will Aadhaar help India become a developed country? India can not become developed without taking along the lowest strata of its citizens. Only 20% of government aid actually reaches them. Aadhaar helps 100% of the aid reach the right person, through Direct Benefit Transfer, removing scope for corruption at various level! And this is just one aspect of the benefits of Aadhaar. Since Aadhaar is such a novel innovation, there is also a lot of misunderstanding – you can read some common myths and the real facts here.

A strong and forward looking India requires an advanced data protection, security and privacy law, suited to the modern age we live in. Read more about our demand for a new data privacy law here.

So why would anyone oppose this? There are people with vested interests or extreme ideology – they do not want corruption to go away, they are middlemen who have been making crores through corrupt practices, they want India to stay poor as only then they can fool them and make money.

At SupportAadhaar, we believe India needs to become a developed nation, and corruption needs to stop now. We support Aadhaar, and we support all constructive suggestions towards making Aadhaar better. Join this movement now!

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Govt tightening the noose around black money. Mandatory 4 Bank ac to have Aadhaar no. https://t.co/5U4yZIwO3J

In a 157 page judgement, SC has demolished all the half-truths presented by the Anti-Aadhaar brigade.
Now the need is a strong privacy law


SC approves mandatory linking of Aadhaar and PAN card. Could save Rs.26,000 Cr black money per year

Need a strong Data Protection Law now


Nice article from @bibekdebroy

Half Truths are misleading thousands of people on Social Media. Come join us on https://t.co/JHLuXxRfPX and take an informed decision.

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